Vision & Mission

Vision and Goal of Mission

The school aims at providing an all-round education which stresses both academic training and inculcation of moral virtues and development of personality.   It has always been renowned as one guiding its students in pursuit of personal and academic excellence. With the concerted efforts of our staff and the good communication between the school and parents, Po Leung Kuk No.1 W.H. Cheung College has become one of the most popular secondary schools in Wong Tai Sin. Having a well-defined mission, our school has established a harmonious working relationship and a good team spirit. Our curriculum places equal emphasis on the five Chinese virtues, namely, morals, intelligence, physical development, sociability and aesthetics, and helps develop students’ potential to the full. In the years to come, by the continual provision of a high-quality education and a caring and stimulating school life, we aim to have our graduates enter universities and study in the faculties of their choices, thus enabling them to better equip themselves and make contribution to the prosperity of the society.