Aims of E-Learning:

  1. Enhance learning and teaching effectiveness through the effective use of e-learning resources.
  2. Promote the use of IT by providing mobile devices and using e-platforms like Google Classroom.
  3. Encourage students to apply IT skills for investigation, presentation, knowledge building, and sharing.
  4. Develop creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, and self-learning skills through the creation of learning videos for flipped classrooms.

Ways to Enhance E-Learning in Our School:

  1. Provide iPads for lessons.
  2. Conduct professional training workshops for teachers on e-learning.
  3. Utilize e-platforms like Google Classroom for flipped classrooms.
  4. Teach students to create learning videos in computer literacy lessons.

By implementing these strategies, we can enhance e-learning in our school, providing students with enriched learning experiences, fostering digital literacy, and equipping them with essential skills for success in the digital age.