School Curriculum & MOI Policy

School Curriculum and MOI

Our school curriculum is carefully structured to keep breadth and balance, aiming to cater to the varied needs, abilities, and interests of our students. It places a strong emphasis on fostering the holistic development of students, encompassing their moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic potential. To achieve these goals, we set clear teaching objectives, employ a diverse range of teaching strategies, and implement effective homework and assessment policies.
With a focus on preparing students for their future endeavors, our comprehensive curriculum addresses their abilities and learning needs. We have developed school-based curricula for multiple subjects, ensuring a solid foundation for academic growth. These curricula equip students with subject-specific learning skills, facilitating a smooth transition from primary to junior secondary levels, as well as bridging the gap from junior to senior secondary education.


English serves as the medium of instruction (MOI) for all subjects, except for Chinese, Chinese Literature, Chinese History, Putonghua, and Citizenship & Social Development. To assist students in adapting to the English learning environment, we organize an English bridging program every August for S1 students. This program enhances their confidence in using English across various subjects through instruction in classroom language, presentation skills, and word formation skills.


Promotion from year to year depends on satisfactory performances in examinations and on satisfactory attitude and conduct.


33 classes - 5 classes for each of 1st, 2nd and 3rd forms and 6 classes for 4th, 5th and 6th forms - are operated with a total enrolment of 950.

Enrolment follows the Secondary School Place Allocation System of the Education Bureau and the students enrolled belong to Band 1 group.


Framework of 334 new academic structure

Period Allocation