Professional Development of Teachers

Our school strongly believes in the pivotal role of teachers in the success of education reforms. We acknowledge that teachers have evolved from being mere conveyors of knowledge to becoming coordinators, facilitators, and creators of engaging learning experiences, with a focus on the learner. By emphasizing teacher professionalism, we aim to enhance the school's capabilities and ultimately improve student learning outcomes.
To ensure that our staff keep abreast with the latest advancements in curriculum changes, we offer various platforms for professional development, including:
a) New Teacher Induction: We provide an induction course for new teachers, led by experienced mentors who share their effective teaching techniques and classroom management strategies. This course offers valuable support and guidance, instilling confidence in new teachers as they embark on their teaching journey.
b) Staff Development Days: We organize dedicated days where our teachers, educators from other schools, and experts are invited to exchange teaching strategies and deliver professional training seminars. Additionally, we arrange school visits to cultivate a culture of continuous learning among our teachers.
c) Meeting with Middle Managers: The principal meets individually with middle managers annually to discuss school challenges, collaborate on strategies, and foster open dialogue and problem-solving. This approach ensures effective communication, informed strategies, and progress in addressing challenges and advancing the school.
By providing these comprehensive platforms, we empower our teachers with the necessary tools and knowledge to adapt to curriculum changes effectively and deliver high-quality education to our students.