Our school's Discipline Team is dedicated to fostering the inculcation of morals and virtues, with the goal of developing students' personalities. Guided by principles of education and counseling, we aim to enhance students' moral awareness through a combination of awards and appropriate disciplinary measures. We have established a comprehensive set of school regulations that serve as a guide for students, promoting proper conduct and self-awareness. Additionally, as part of our commitment to fostering students' moral discernment, we regularly organize a diverse range of activities and assemblies. These engaging events provide valuable opportunities for students to actively participate in discussions, explore ethical dilemmas, and engage in interactive sessions. By actively participating in these activities, students develop a deeper understanding of ethical principles and enhance their ability to navigate complex moral situations with integrity and sound judgment. These experiences play a crucial role in shaping their moral awareness and empowering them to make informed choices between right and wrong.


Our objectives are as follows:

    1. To cultivate self-discipline among students.
    2. To instill in students, correct moral values, moral sensibility, and a sense of responsibility.
    3. To foster a positive study environment, encourage a proper attitude towards behavior and learning, promote healthy relationships among students, and uphold good moral standards within the school.
    4. By making these adjustments and emphasizing the role of a "Discipline Team," your school can continue its dedicated efforts in shaping students' character development and creating a positive educational environment.
Activities Held