Moral, Civic and National Education

National Education

The aim of our National Education program is to provide students with a comprehensive and multi-perspective understanding of our country. Through this, we seek to foster a sense of identity, belonging, and responsibility towards our nation and its future development, as well as the well-being of its people.


Our school adopts a whole-school approach, organizing a series of National Education activities that involve the participation of all students. These activities include flag-raising ceremonies with speeches,talks, visits, board exhibitions and online quizzes on topics such as the Constitution and the Basic Law, and events celebrating the Chinese culture. By continuously engaging in these learning experiences, students develop a sense of pride in the rapid development of our country and cultivate qualities of good citizenship, along with an enhanced sense of national identity.


Our school places a special emphasis on the development of positive values and the cultivation of character strengths in our students. Through a combination of formal and informal curricula, we provide numerous opportunities for students to recognize their strengths and celebrate their accomplishments.

Moral and Civic Education
  1. Nurture in students the twelve priority values and attitudes, namely perseverance, respect for others, responsibility, national identity, commitment, integrity, benevolence, law-abidingness, empathy, diligence, filial piety, and unity through comprehensive and diversified learning experiences.
  2. Provide diverse learning experiences such as dramas, story-telling competitions, group discussions, community service, and cultural exchanges to actively engage students and promote the understanding and application of these values.
  3. Organize workshops, seminars, and guest speaker sessions to enhance students' understanding of the importance and practicality of these values in their daily lives.
  4. Foster a positive and inclusive school culture that promotes and reinforces the nine priority values and attitudes through regular celebrations, recognition programs, and peer support initiatives.
Activities Held