Gifted Learning

Our school's mission in gifted education is to explore and develop the potential of gifted students systematically and strategically. We provide them with education at suitable levels, focusing on nurturing their multiple intelligences as a fundamental goal of quality education.


In our school, we aim to systematically develop the potential of gifted students by providing proper education and nurturing multiple intelligences. Teachers encourage their participation in various programs and competitions aligned with their interests and abilities, such as the Schools Music Festival, Speech Festival, inter-school competitions in sports, dance, drama, mathematics, science, debating, writing, as well as mathematics, physics, and biology Olympiads.


To further support gifted students, we offer specialized classes and enhancement programs outside regular school hours. These classes provide systematic training for students with outstanding performance. We also recommend gifted students to participate in the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education and enhancement courses provided by reputable institutions like EDB, HKU, CUHK, HKUST, and opportunities to compete in prestigious mathematics, physics, and biology Olympiads.